Holiday Accident in Greece

Our Greek lawyers take cases involving a holiday accident in Greece on a no win no fee basis.

You can speak free of charge with one of our Greek lawyers regarding holiday accident compensation if you:

  • suffered anaccident while on holiday in Greece
  • injured through no fault of your own while on holiday
  • suffered from food poisoning while staying at your holiday hotel
  • became ill as a result of hotel, airlien or cruise ship food or their facilities
  • lost a loved on as a result of an accident in Greece

If your injury is not listed above, feel free to contact us in order to find out whether we can still help you.

For a free consultation with one of our lawyers, call our helpline on 0030 210 36 33 694 or if you are calling from the UK at 0044 20 7193 4367. Alternatively you can contact us by e-mail. We can review your claim at no cost to you.

Greece is one of the favourite tourist getaway destinations for a number of people from all over the world. The Greek islands offer great landscapes and amenities and for that reason they are ideal desitnations for all types of tourists.

When you are booking your holiday it is hard to imagine that something might go wrong but if you are unfortunate enough and accident does befall you then it is important to know how to go about seeking the compensation you are entitled to under the law.

We have found that many tourists accept what they are told by insurance companies and/or holiday companies about their rights without seeking specialist legal advice on the meaning of their holiday contracts.

In case of a package holiday, it is possible to claim compensation from your tour operator through European Consumer Laws, in your own country.

There is a number of pieces of European legislation allowing holiday makers to claim compensation in their own member state for injuries they have experienced abroad. When having bought a package holiday you experience an accident while on holiday in Greece or the Greek islands it is quite possible to sue the tour organiser to recover any compensation.

But is this a good idea?

Before deciding who to sue and where to sue for accident compensation it is very important to find out where is the most convenient forum for you to seek your holiday compensation. After all, even if you sue in your home courts for an accident you had in Greece, the foreign courts may have to apply Greek law. It is certainly very important to consider a number of issues such as which jurisdiction will allow you to recover the most and where it would be easier to bring your compensation claim.

Talk to a Greek personal Injury lawyer today through our helpline at 0030 36 33 694 or 0044 20 7193 4367 or by email and our team will review your compensation claim at no cost.

Not a package holiday?

Visit our Accidents abroad page to find out more about accidents abroad.

Our Greek Lawyers ensure that your case will be handled with the higest standards of professionalism and advise you as to whether you are better off pursuing your Greek claim in Greece or in your country.

Contact a Greek accident lawyer and our team will review your compensation claim at no cost. Just call or email a Greek personal injury attorney today to discuss your case. If you would prefer to discuss your claim in person you can arrange a visit to our law offices in Athens.

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