Exploiting Intellectual Property

Trademark Greece

Regardless of whether you wish to expand your business operations in Greece by setting up a branch, or whether you are considering the possibility of appointing a commercial agent, a distributor or a franchisee in Greece to market your product, there is a number of Intellectual Property considerations which you should examine. Registering your trademarks in Greece should be one of your primary concerns.

Having registered your trademark abroad (unless of course you have obtained a community trademark) does not prevent others from using, or even registering your trademark in Greece.

Registering a trademark in Greece provides you with a certain degree of certainty in that your competitors will have to think twice before attempting to ride on your businesses’ success.

Our lawyers can assist you with Greek trademark registration, as well as with all the Intellectual Property related aspects of your business. From a straightforward trademark registration to complex trademark litigation and licensing.

Our trademark related work includes:

  • Trademark registration in Greece
  • Trademark registration in the UK
  • Community trademark registration
  • International trademark registration
  • Trademark licensing
  • Trademark assignment
  • Franchise
  • Trademark Litigation services
  • Domains

Our Greek trademark lawyers can assist you in all aspects of trademark related work, effectively.

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