Business Purchase in Greece

buying a business in GreeceOne of the main ways in which an existing business can expand its market operations in Greece, is by purchasing an established Greek business.

Whatever may be the commercial reasons behind buying a business in Greece, the buyer should obtain as much information as possible on the target, decide on the appropriate type of acquisition and  negotiate the terms of the purchase contract, whilst backing it up with extensive warranties and indemnities in the sale and purchase agreement in order to protect the buyer should the target not turn out to be as expected.

Our Greek business lawyers provide realistic and practical solutions in the area of mergers and acquisitions. We know that each deal should represent the commercial objectives of the client

We understand that the most important factor in an acquisition is the negotiating power of the parties involved. We also know that a proper examination of the affairs of the target  (due diligence) may prove to be a catalyst in the bargaining power of parties, bringing the prospective buyer of the target in a stronger negotiating position.

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