Internet law

Starting an Online Business

The relatively low costs involved in the formation and maintenance of an electronic business (which sometimes outweigh its profits) offer a realm of opportunities to many online entrepreneurs.

For those businessmen who wish to leverage this truly international market our law firm offers a one stop shop solution for all their legal needs in Greece and the UK.

When starting any kind of business, there are certain legal issues that must be addressed at the outset. As such issues could affect significantly the balance sheet and consequently the future of an online business.

When setting up an online business, it is crucial for the businessman or an investor to examine and address certain issues such as where the business will be based, business structure, intellectual property protection, terms and conditions of the website and contracts.

Our Greek lawyers and English solicitors advise in all aspects of the law relating to ecommerce and can provide effective corporate advice throughout the entire life span of an online business.

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