Delivering strategic advice to preserve your personal wealth.

Our firm is known to advise high-net-worth individuals and international families in relation to planning, managing and transferring of their wealth in an orderly and tax-efficient manner.

Amongst other things we undertake on our clients’ behalf the creation of trusts onshore and offshore, the relocation of their assets abroad and personal tax planning.

At P&A we understand our clients concerns and particular objectives and we are proud to have an input in the creation of a strategic structure to serve our clients’ individual needs.

We support innovative and durable strategies that serve a wide variety of family interests rather than one off arrangements.

Our services include:

  • personal and family income
  • gifts and donations
  • estate planning
  • family investment funds
  • estate administration
  • contested matters
  • succession arrangements
  • pre-marital and/or post-marital arrangements
  • divorce and child custody
  • insurance arrangements
  • wills
  • cross-border investments
  • structures for asset holdings
  • offshore trusts
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