Inheritance Disputes

Contesting a Greek Will

With many years of experience in litigation, and a commitment to provide our clients with thorough and diligent advice and representation, our law firm is equipped to provide solutions to your most complex legal issues in Greece.

Our lawyers are available to demonstrate their expertise in disputes concerning the validity of a Greek Will, whether it is a matter of arguing for its validity or contesting it.

Under Greek law, a Will can be challenged on a number of grounds including:

  1. Absence of mental capacity  

Briefly, under this ground anyone with legal interest may seek to judicially challenge the will, if he or she is of the view that the testator did not have the required mental capacity at the date the will was made.

  1. Lack of formality

The validity of a Will, under Greek law, also depends on its compliance with the requirements set out in the Greek Civil Code. These differ depending on the type of the will. Briefly, Greek law recognises three ordinary types, the holographic will (idiografi diathiki), the public will (dimosia diathiki) and the secret will (mistiki diathiki), and certain extraordinary types (such as a will drafted on a vessel) each of which have different formalities.

  1. Forced inheritance

Greek inheritance law, limits testators’ freedom of disposition as to who they can honour in their Will and to what extent. These rules known as the forced inheritance rules, are capable of invalidating a will to the extent they have been infringed.

Our law Firm handles inheritance matters on a case by case basis in order to find the best solution for the particular circumstances, consistent with the particular objectives of our clients.

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