E-commerce law

Whether you are interested to take your business to a different level or you wish to start a new e-commerce business, you have to become aware of all laws and regulations affecting electronic commerce.

When doing business online, there is a number of additional issues you have to consider than when running a brick-and-mortar business. The particularity of online shopping calls for specialist knowledge and professional planning to ensure the maximum efficiency of an electronic business.

Internet offers access to a global marketplace. One of the most important considerations when starting an ecommerce business is the location of the business. While the internet provides the flexibility that the business can be run from anywhere, the place where the business will be legally based may affect significantly its efficiency.

we advise on:

  • starting an electronic business in Greece
  • starting an electronic business in the UK
  • IP issues
  • Drafting commercial contracts
  • website terms and conditions
  • website privacy policies
  • website user agreements
  • domain name disputes
  • defamation claims
  • ecommerce disputes
  • cybersquatting
  • trademark issues
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