Debt Collection in Greece

At Pantazis & Associates we understand that cash flow is vital for a business. For a business to survive debt collection is of paramount importance.

With our partnership approach in debt collection for Greek debts we become a seamless extension to our clients’ businesses.

With a service that sets up apart in debt recovery we are a single port of call for advice and assistance on all aspects of debt collection matters in Greece, from pre action recovery of debts to complex enforcement trials.

Our Specialism include:

  • debt recovery for debts
  • enforcement of foreign judgement debts in Greece
  • bill of exchange litigation
  • bounced cheques in Greece
  • enforcement trials
  • defended actions

Sometimes, a debt collection matter in Greece can become more than a simple debt recovery. Complex legal issues may arise and specific debt remedies may be taken by the other party in a view to delay payment as much as possible. Our awarded litigation lawyers are able to represent you in any contentious debt recovery cases.


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